BikeZero RING

Redefining Tomorrow's Micromobility

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BikeZero RING

Welcome to state-of-the-art next generation of micromobility.  
Through the cutting-edge technology and design, BikeZero RING takes a leap into the future. 

  • Innovation & Design

    By seamlessly blending innovation and design, we provide an unparalleled riding experience. Together, we are redefining the future of micromobility. 

    Are you ready to join BikeZero RING revolution?

  • Zero To Ride

    RED DOT Best 100 Design. Super Practical Folding System.

    The "Zero Effort" patented ultimate design allows BikeZero RING to be folded in seconds like a rollable luggage so you never have to pick it up.  It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum.
    It feels remarkably solid.  Now it is convenient. 

  • Technology

    BikeZero RING features 350-watt motor and 7.8Ah 36Volt lithium-ion battery. This gives it a range of up to 35 km (21 miles), along with a top speed of 24 kmh (15.5 mph).

    BikeZero RING offers a choice of three different driving modes, depending on rider type: Eco, Tour, Sports. 

    Cruise Control
    Hold throttle more than 5 seconds, and cruise control will automatically activate. Touch a brake lever, and it is off. As simple as that. 

  • Safety

    The electronic dual-disc brake system gives greater control and more reliable stopping power.

    The pneumatic, air-filled, 14-inch tires absorb shock and create smooth, cushy rides. You are always taking control.

    A powerful lumen head and rear lights provide optimal visibility at night and make your life easier. For added safety, the lights are also functioning brake light.

Meet BikeZero Ring

Check out our new video to see how BikeZero Ring really works.